Fertilize Grass before or after Rain – Wet Grass or Dry Grass?

Fertilize Grass before or after Rain?

Fertilize Wet Grass or Dry Grass?

This is a simple answer.
The question is really do I fertilize my grass when it is dry or wet?

Fertilize WET Grass or Fertilize After Rain When …

  • Using a granular weed and feed fertilizer
  • Weed control portion must stick to the foliage of the weeds so they need to be wet
  • You can not water after you use a weed and feed fertilizer for 24 to 48 hours so after a rain is a great time because the grass is well watered and does not need additional water for a couple of days.

Fertilize Dry Grass or Fertilize before Rain When …

  • Using a straight fertilizer formula
  • When the grass is dry it allow the fertilizer to fall below the grass blade to the thatch ready to be dissolved and absorbed by the root system by your irrigation / sprinkler system or next rain fall.
  • Certain fertilizers will stick to wet foliage and burn the foliage

Conclusion of fertilize grass when grass is wet or dry and before or after rain

Using a weed and feed you need the grass wet so wet grass and after rain.Using regular fertilizer you want dry grass so before it rains. Then water the grass to dissolve the fertilizer to activate it.

I hope this helps. Post a comment if you agree or disagree. My lawn and my customer’s lawns are always the best in the neighborhood.

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3 Responses to Fertilize Grass before or after Rain – Wet Grass or Dry Grass?

  1. CARMINE RICCA says:

    I’m going to borrow my neighbors not so good working rotary spreader. The holes don’t seem to open and close precisely.

  2. CARMINE RICCA says:

    I’m going to borrow my neighbor’s not so good spreader, the holes in the bucket don’t open and close precisely.

  3. Tony says:

    This helps but it does not make any sense why it should make any difference if the fertilizer will burn the grass, or not, whether the was weed control in it or not. If a straight fertilizer can burn your grass the how can a “weed & feed fertilizer” not?

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