Remove MSN Toolbar and Uninstall MSWINEXT.EXE

Remove MSN Toolbar and Uninstall MSWINEXT.EXEeasy things msn toolbar

I installed the MSN tool bar by mistake by not paying attention when I was installing an application that I downloaded.  It was part of the install and I missed unchecking the box so it would not install. My browser really slowed down and I noticed my memory usage in task manager went way up because there was a new exe called mswinext.exe using a bunch of memory. I did some research and found out it was the MSN Toolbar. The good news is that it was not a virus, malware, or spyware and it is one of those easy things to remove and uninstall just like when you remove Flipopia. Don’t be fooled by some of those sites claiming it is a virus, sypware, or malware. They claim you need to download and install some software to fix your computer right away.  They might even try and sell you the software.  I am not saying that the MSN Toolbar is a bad thing and maybe if you are running a new computer with plenty of resources and a fast internet connection, you would even notice a problem. I am saying, if you are noticing slow downs and have internet speed issues, this could be the issue.

Remove MSN Toolbar by doing an Uninstall

  1. Open Control Paneleasy things control-panel
  2. Click on Add Remove Programseasy things add-remove-programs
  3. Select the MSN application listed and click the remove button.  This will uninstall the MSN Toolbar.easy things remove msn toolbar mswinext-exe-1
  4. You can check Task Manager to see if the MSWINEXT.EXE file is still listed under the Processes tab and using memoryeasy things remove msn toolbar mswinext-exe-2.
  5. That is it. Both the MSN Toolbar application listed in the add remove programs page and the mswinext.exe listed under the processes tab should be gone.

You can add that to your Easy Things to do list. Five steps to a faster computer and quicker internet speeds. Check out this link on some Easy Things to do for Computer Protection.

4 Responses to Remove MSN Toolbar and Uninstall MSWINEXT.EXE

  1. jeff says:

    If (like me) you only get the “Bing tool bar” in your add/delete programs and not the whole MSN toolbar you can simply go to your COMPUTER, C DRIVE, PROGRAM FILES, MSN TOOLBAR, PLATFORM, 5.0.1385.0 file, and you will see the msw file. Now click “Control/Alt/Delete to open your CPU. Select end the mswin.exe file in your CPU and then to the one in your 5.0.1385.0 folder … delete it. If you try the other way it says it can’t do it because its in use so follow the steps. Its gone and I kept it in my trash bin and test my system to be certain it runs fine. (I do this for ANY file I get rid of) If for whatever reason things are not running properly you can go to your trash and select it back to original location, but you don’t need this file. It’ll slow your system down. You will find your computer running top notch now.

  2. jack says:

    I couldn’t fine the msn toolbar in add/remove programs. Looking to take out wsinext.ext.. thanks

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  4. Keith Forsberg says:

    I followed your instruction’s for removing the MSN toolbar. However, the MSN toolbar did not show in the list of program’s. How should I proceed to get rid of the MSN toolbar?

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