Why do Dogs pee on people?

easy thins-Dog Pee-mine
She is mine!

Dogs pee / urinate on people for these reasons.

  • Dogs pee on or around people in response to the environment.
  • Involuntary response to excitement. (Usually in puppies)
  • Dogs pee as a submissive response. (Usually in abused dogs)
  • Dogs pee on people to claim them as their own. Like marking their territory.

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Possible solutions for when dogs pee / urinate on people.

  • When  dogs pee because of excitement, try to keep your greetings low key. When you come around the dog, ignore it for a bit so it will calm down.
  • When dogs pee on or around people as a submission response, do the following;
    1. When you enter the room, don’t come near the dog. Later give the dog a treat so the dog learns you are a good thing.
    2. Ignor the dog when you first come around it. Over time, the dog will realize you are not there to harm the dog.
    3. When you approach the dog don’t tower over the dog but come down low and keep your hands low.
    4. Pet the dog’s body first and then the head so it knows your touch is friendly.
    5. Avoid prolonged strong eye contact that will intimidate the dog. When you greet the dog just glace at the dog.
    6. Your voice tone should be calm to happy and never intiminating.
  • When dogs pee on people to claim them as their own, you need to warn visitors with dogs of their own. The best way to get a dog to stop is with a non abusive training regiment. It will take some time to get the dog to learn that this is not an acceptable behavior. The sooner you do it and not give up on it, the sooner you can go back to enjoying your dog again.

Learn everything you can about your dog so you can fix the problems and life can be easy again.

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11 Responses to Why do Dogs pee on people?

  1. Vivian Smith says:

    My boyfriend’s dog pees in my lap and also trys to hump me. What can we do to get him under control?

    • Margie says:

      I started looking up why do dogs pee on people, well, you know I have never been peed on in my life, now for humping in dogs, I have a small male dog( fixed) and he tried humping my arm, well, I have a spray bottle full of very cold water, and I just let him have it right in the face, well, he has never tried that again, as for peeing on people, the dog that peed on me, was my friend’s dog. I really have no answer for the pee part. Hope that helps.

  2. Mireya says:

    Hi, my dog pees on me usually when I am in bed sleeping or when I am on the couch watching tv. He usually sleeps on the bed with me and my boyfriend and he likes to sleep on top of me (he is a toy poodle), but sometimes he will just pee right on me without even moving. What can I do?

  3. Debee says:

    My 2-1/2yr old mini dachshund urinates every time he gets around my mother in law. She has come to live with us a couple of months ago, but has visited before. He has outgrown the excitement urination for my hubby and I when we return home but whenever he goes in her room, on her bed or if she comes to him, he urinates! So frustrating! Maybe he doesn’t want her here as much as I don’t LOL

    • hibbida says:

      he is being submissive to her and claiming her, all normal reactions. she can avoid approaching him for a while and have her keep her door closed for a while now…

  4. marsha says:

    we take a walk ever night the same way everytime and he justs randomly pees on me he did it 2 times all ready…?

  5. Trosekia says:

    My sister-in-law’s dog peed on me. I never let a dog in my lap before but this was a rescue dog and they have had him for about 6months. The dog came to me and I started to pet him. So he climbed in my lap. I thought it was cute. I continued to rub and pet him. I noticed him shaking and I was concerned but he stopped and never tried to get out of my lap. I continued to pet and rub him. Then I noticed I was wet on my thigh. I had to change my clothes. What and why did this happen? I was a bit upset about it.

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  7. Kate says:

    I was laying in my bed lastnight
    It was about 2am I guess
    And I had a pocket Pomeranian in my room with me well she was asleep and then she got up and got on top of me and started peeing on me…. Then she layed in it… Of course I got up but it made me irritated
    And she also uses the bathroom on our couch and chair and she won’t stop
    What causes this????

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