Wireless Deer Fence – Deer Repellent

Wireless Deer Fence – Deer Repellent – Electronic Device

There are many different types of deer repellents on the market today. It is a big problem for so many people and thus the reason for so much attention and so many different solutions. If you are new to this, you might want to read the article on deer repellent recipe for success first and then come back and see if the wireless deer fence is something that will work for you. It is important to find the deer repellent that meets your criteria. Listed below you should find everything you need to know about the wireless deer fence and how it might work as a deer repellent for you.

Wireless Deer Fence Info

  • Creates an effective psychological barrier around your yard or garden to
    Easy Things wirelessdeerfence-fencepost

    Fence Post Electronic Device

    repell deer.

  • The wireless deer fence works like a baited electrical fence.
  • Place the device as a perimeter around your garden and plants and on deer paths leading into your yard.
  • The wireless deer fence works by attracting or luring the deer to it by smell and then a harmless shock, scares the deer away from the area fearing to return.
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly fences.
  • Fraction of the cost of a fence but debatably more effective than a deer fence.
  • Simple to setup and move when you need to or want to.
  • Deemed to be safe and humane by the manufacturer.
  • Guaranteed for two years to work by the manufacturer.
  • Blends in with its surroundings and won’t take away from the look of your yard.

How the Wireless Deer Fence Works

The short of it is that deer are browsers constantly looking for food. The wireless deer fence works as an effective deer repellent by attacking them with the smell then shocking them on the nose. So I would not say it is a smell repellent like most other deer repellents that claim to be smell repellents because it attacks the deer instead of repelling the deer. The wireless deer fence uses the deer’s great sense of smell to attack the deer and then shocking it. The deer is left with an association of that smell and then the shock. The wireless deer fence has been very successful because it uses the deer’s strengths of survival and instinct again the deer. Here is a list of a deer strengths.

  • Deer are browsers
  • Deer have excellent sense of smell
  • Deer have a good memories
  • Deer are skittish
  • Deer are creatures of habit
  • Deer are less active deer rain and wet weather

The wireless deer fence electronic device takes advantage of the deer strengths listed above. Deer browse around looking for food using their great sense of smell. The great sense of smell will lead them to the wireless deer fence electronic device and then shock them. The shock is a bad experience. Since the deer are skittish and have great memories, they will associate that bad experience with that smell. In the future when they smell the wireless deer fence electronic device, they will simply move on to other food sources in a different area. Over time the deer will develop a new feeding area that will become a habit.

Wireless Deer Fence Limitations

It is important that you recognize that all deer repellents have limitations. That does not make them ineffective deer repellents. It just makes them ineffective under certain circumstances. It was stated earlier, you need to find a deer repellent that meets your criteria. Listed below are some limitations that you MIGHT encounter with the Wireless Deer Fence electronic device.

  • Wireless deer fence may be less effective in areas where there isn’t other food sources. The deer are starving and therefor willing to be bigger risk takers.
  • If deer have established the area as a regular feeding spot, they might ignore the wireless deer fence posts and continue to eat the known food source.
  • The wireless deer fence is an electronic device and like most electronic devices, they do not do as well in very wet weather.

Conclusion on the Wireless Deer Fence

The wireless deer fence is an attractive deer repellent to so many people because of its simple application, effectiveness, and its foot print is not disruptive to your beautiful yard. It is humane and environmentally friendly. Most people find it to be very cost effective and a great alternative to a large deer fence.

Don’t forget to check out other ideas for deer repellents from the Deer Repellent Recipe for Success.

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